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Youth Network

Youth Network for active participation in Local and Regional Life

Project goal

Encouraging young people to access their rights on active participation in Local Governance and Regional Life.  


  • Establishing northern youth network for dialogue and interactive learning;

  • Enhancing young people’s meaningful participation in Local Governance and Regional Life;

  • Promote the development of local youth-led and co-created approaches to issues such as Local Governance and Regional Life active participation.

Expected Results

  • Assessment report on the challenges of youth participation in local and regional life;

  • 5 secondary schools in three northern cities (Shkodra, Puka and Malesi e Madhe) will be engaged in the project implementation;

  • 500 young people will be informed on local democracy and participation in decision-making. 

  • 30 young people from the targeted target schools (150 in total) will actively participate in online life events.

  • 3 youth-based meetings held in three cities sharing practices on youth participation in local and regional life.

  • 30 young people will have full knowledge of participation and understanding of decision making;

  • An advocacy group on local democracy and participation in decision-making has been established and operates in an active way;

  • 5-7 young people who have exposed leadership profiles will attend at least 3 municipal council meetings.

  • 2-3 students will further  develop their leadership and profiles, and 

  • 1 will enroll in the Albanian Political Studies Academy.

Project Collaborators


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Youth Network: What We Do

Activity 1


We have developed a thematic questionnaire on youth challenges in northern Albania related to their participation on local governance and regional life.

Activity 2

Advocacy groups

Target groups are being created with the participation of youngsters from targeted high schools and university of Shkoder. See below images from the activities in the high schools "Oso Kuka" and "28 Nentori" in Shkoder and "Sherif Hoxha" in Malsia e Madhe. 

Activity 3

Network Meetings

Three youngsters based network meetings will be organized (network meetings: one in Shkoder, one in Puke and one in Malesi e Madhe) involving targeted high schools and university students focusing on youth gaps, concerns and experiences regarding participation in Local governance and Regional life.

Youth Network: List
Youth Network: Pro Gallery
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Youth Network: Image
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