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Social Inclusion

Social Inclusion Through the Art in northern Albania

Project goals and objectives

Integration of girls with different abilities in daily life.


  • Promoting art approach as a tool to integrate the young people with different abilities;

  • Providing support for the young girls with different abilities

  • Improve social cohesion for the young girls with different abilities


  • 8 young girls with different abilities are coached for a month by the “Women carpets entrepreneurs”

  • Out of 8 young girls 1 is integrated in the carpets entrepreneurship;

  • The walls of the children with different abilities special institution are painted and improved;

  • The arts corner has been set up in the special institution 3 December;

  • Artistic high school Preng Jakova  signed joint statement with the special school to continue art skills training for the youngs with different abilities   

Social Inclusion: What We Do
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