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Women on Integration has been established and juridical recognized with decision Nr. 179, Date 25/04/2000.

It is an independent and voluntary Civil Society Organization composed of the widest group of experts addressing gender equality, education and empowerment of women & girls, human rights and youth issues.

"Woman in Integration" is a non-party organization, guided by professionalism, high social, educational and development goals, open to cooperation with CSOs and institutions at regional, national and international level on issues related to the Albanian women’s empowerment & integration.

Its mission is fulfilled by the organization through addressing issues, advocacy, monitoring, networking and cooperation with local and national actors and institutions in the field of gender, human rights and education.

At the same time, the organization fulfills its mission through engagement and expertise providing in respect of Capacity Building, Gender Equity and Social Inclusion encouraging the business community, women, youth and other stakeholders in decision-making. Moreover, advocate and approach a greater voice inside political parties to ensure gender quotas as foreseen by electoral code has been key of several projects implemented so far. 

Within 19 years of experience, GI has gained excellent management and organizational skills. Consequently, the organization inherits organizational and professional sustainability. As such, through programs and combining knowledge with innovative tools and techniques we work to build sustainable capacities in line with EU standards related sustainable economic, social, environmental and cultural development.

During the last three years, in partnership with regional and national education institutions we have been focused on girls and young people educating about the SDGs 2030.

The current focus of the work of this organization is to encourage and educate girls and young people with the skills approaching as an important alternative to empower all women and girls and a great tool to reduce the number of young people leaving Albania.

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