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Local Democracy and Active Participation

Youth Network for local democracy and active participation in Local and Regional Life

Project Goal

  • Encouraging young people to access their rights on local governance and active participation in Local and Regional Life;


  • To Establish youth network and advocacy group for local democracy dialogue and        active participation in Local and Regional Life;

  • To improve young`s meaningful advocacy and participation in Local and Regional Life;

  • To Promote the development of local youth-led and co-created approaches to issues such as Local Governance and Regional Life active participation;


  • Assessment report on youth challenges in northern Albania related participation on local and regional life is provided as guideline for the follow up youth network;

  • At least five high schools from three northern cities are engaged in the project implementation;

  • At least 500 young’s high schools young`s are informed about local democracy and participation rights on decision making.

  • At least 30 young’s young representatives from each targeted school (150 in total) are actively attending youth based network meetings where concern issues will be discussed and shared in an interactive dialogue;

  • At least three youth based network meetings are carried out in three northern cities (Shkoder, Koplik, Puke) sharing practices on youth participation in the local and regional life.

  • At least 30 students develop advocacy capacities on local governance and local-regional life participation.

  • The awareness of the targeted young’s is improved regarding Local and Regional Life participation;

Local Democracy and Active Participation: What We Do
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