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Gender Governance

Promoting Gender Governance and Gender Budgeting in Northern Albania

Project goal

The project aimed at supporting gender budgeting for the northern local governmental units as a mechanism to increase the access of the women in the decision making processes and raising awareness among local authorities in fostering women participation in decision making.  


  • Promote women in governance and leading positions;

  • To increase the awareness of local authorities on gender balance;

  • To promote gender budgeting as a tool for women better access in decision making.

Type of services

  • Assessment  on women potentials in deccission making processess provided and disseminated before elections 2013;

  • Exchange experiences (Study visit) between women councilors in national level provided;

  • Genger budgeting in Municipality of Shkodra, LGUs of Rubik and Kallmet budged;

  • Women in leadership for the Northern Albania published and disseminated to the relevant stakeholders and institutions.

Gender Governance: What We Do
Gender Governance: Image
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