Alliances of Women Councilors

Supporting the creation and revitalization of Alliances of Women Councilors in 61 Municipalities in Albania

Partner Organization

Helvetas Swiss Cooperation - BtF  

Project goal

  1. Ensure national coverage of AWCs in all municipality councils (Revitalize where existing and  create new AWC where there were missing);

  2. Increase the capacities of women councilors for successful undertaking of gender and social inclusive initiatives.


  1. Assisting in the preparation of documentation for the establishment of 28 AWC at local level;

  2. Signature of 28 MoUs for establishments of 28 AWC in 28 Municipalities of Albania;

  3. Assistance to the 33 existing AWC to revitalize representatives after 2019 local elections. 

  4. Provide support and consultation to the AWC in preparing establishment, communication and necessary documents for their functionality and pertinent action plans;

  5. Support the National Network of the Alliances of Women Councilors to implement the board meeting to revitalize the decision making structures of the Network;

  6. Support the National Network of the Alliances of Women Councilors revitalize and design action plans;

  7. Create two modules on gender Equity and Social Inclusion with a focus on engendered performance budgeting;

  8. National Report on women councilor responsive capacities to implement their legal function.


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